Supporting young adults

Our live in care for young adults supports adults of all ages from 18 upwards, to help them to live independent lives. Whether you are someone living at home coping with a medical condition, or maybe a student with disabilities needing support, we can assist you.
Whatever your stage of life, we do everything we can to help the people we care for/support to live the best life they can. Whether it’s pursuing a hobby, going shopping, or having an active social life, our care plans are tailored to meet your personal needs and choices.

Matching you with your carer

One of the most important things if is finding the right CareGiver for you. We very carefully match you with someone who can best meet your needs, whether you prefer a male or female carer for instance to help with personal care, perhaps a car driver to take you out or a pet lover.

Always remember that your care plan will be centred around YOU and your needs and wishes. ABOVE ALL our clients have the reassurance of knowing that we provide an expert service and that they are in safe hands.

Quality Care Comes From A Quality Team.

Our wonderful CareGivers are chosen for their caring natures. They are given full, ongoing training and are carefully vetted and DBS checked. We can guarantee continuity of care and consistency of service because our carers are our employees. We supervise them, and manage all the extra details such as arranging insurance. You don’t have the stress and worry of checking references, organising their salary, holiday pay, and tax or having to pay employer’s National Insurance or pension contributions yourself. .

Your carer will stay will you for several weeks then will have a break when a second carer will stay with you. Typically you will have 2 carers who will cover each other’s breaks and holidays. We will NEVER leave you without care.